Links for 12-31-2010

Great big year end link dump – some great reads here that deserve more discussion, but jump in and see for yourself:

  • Images and the future of reading: If a picture is worth a thousand words, how should they be incorporated into new printed works?
  • The Joy of Stats: Hans Rosling is back with a rollicking review of the impact of statistics and how numbers help us to better understand our world. Highly recommend even for those folks who think they don’t like math…
  • Destruction of the Paris Metro: Rolling stock, foreign graffiti and echoes of the past – what isn’t to love about this in-depth tour of abandoned metro tunnels?
  • Spending on Branded Content Remains Robust: More data on the value consumers find in branded content, and why the rise of digital information is accellerating the value of printed content.
  • Inside the Battle to Define Mental Illness: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (universally known as the DSM-IV) is as important to psychiatrists as the Constitution is to the US government or the Bible is to Christians. Now, it’s critics charge it with medicalizing managable illnesses and leading to over prescription of millions of Americans.
  • From the Pentagon to the private sector: Big, well researched investigative story by Bryan Bender for the Boston Globe on the revolving door between private industry and the Pentagon.

Happy New Year!

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