image shows a spool of red thread

Threading the Needle

On July 5th, Meta unveiled Thread, the latest entrant in the crowded social media space and positioned it as a text microblogging platform tied to Instagram. Thanks to the enormous launch pad, Thread was immediately flooded with millions of users.

If you have not already secured your brand or product name you should do so immediately, even if you do not plan to use the service routinely. Set your name up as a placeholder following your brand identity and perhaps a pointer to your most updated social media platform.

Similar to Twitter, a microblogging service allows for brief text and image interactions between followers. The launch of a new, federated network opens up new opportunities for how you position your business on the platform as well as the “voice” you adopt for the platform. With Thread still in its earliest phases it’s the perfect time to experiment and see what engagement you’re able to obtain.

If you’re looking for assistance in positioning your business on Thread please reach out!

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