image shows a full color Shopify Direct Mail piece touting the benefit of the Shopify platform.

Mail? In this Economy?

At a colleague’s today and this slick Shopify piece was still sitting on the side table post junk-sort. It’s a beautiful direct mail piece – my picture doesn’t do it justice. Most people would consider a $1-2 lead generation piece to an unqualified prospect as exorbitant, but hear me out – the product is $390 per year. They have room to experiment.

Most days there is little to no competition in your prospect’s physical mailbox, even if their inbox is screaming. Shopify has clearly moved to an omnichannel marketing program to continue to enlarge their pool of prospects. Of course you still need an outstanding mail package to stay out of the recycling bin, but now more than ever, direct mail is an outstanding way to qualify prospects and grow your business.

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