Blake Callis Chapman 

I have known Sue Cline for eleven years now and had the great pleasure of working with her at Good Shepherd Episcopal School (GSES) for seven years. She is one of the most intelligent, hard working, versatile, creative, resourceful, and selfless people I have ever met. During her time at GSES, she served the school as its chef, technology teacher, makerspace program creator and facilitator, and IT director.

She not only wore many hats successfully, but she cared for the children and her colleagues deeply, always putting them before herself. She was known for helping to secure resources for children in need and would drop everything to help a colleague. She was a ballast for the entire faculty and administration, and they would go to her regularly for ideas, suggestions, and help. In the midst of chaos, she was always calm, metered, and clear-thinking.

In all the years I’ve known her, there has been nothing that Sue could not figure out or do. I know her in the capacities described above, but she has developed and run two prosperous businesses as well. Not only would I wholeheartedly recommend Sue for any work requiring analytical/problem solving skills, creativity, or caring for people, but there’s no one, I’ve ever known, more qualified.

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