Links for 12-1-10

So yeah, not really back yet, but how about some great links to things I really want to talk about sometime?

  • Fickle, fickle data: Snake oil sales and vapor ware surround “big data” development.
  • Experiment in Public: Data mining IS always dirty, so I like that he specifies that you should highlight the most interesting things you know (or learn) about the data you are mining. Good discussion of why agile beats waterfall for data development.
  • Flipboard: Shiny, shiny! Oh, for an iPad!
  • Needlebase: More data (smashing and mashing it up, this time) and yes, I do have data on the brain, why do you ask?
  • Why Gawker is moving beyond the blog: Nick Denton pens a strategy primer for new sites.
  • Profounder: From the founder of, Profounder gives entrepreneurs the tools and support to raise money. The platform supports both accredited and non-accredited (friends and family) funding.

Back soon!

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