Tool Time

I run across a lot of interesting/unique/effective web tools in my line of work, and rather than languish in my bookmarks collection, I’ll probably share these weekly. Unless otherwise noted, I have no financial interest in these companies. Without further ado, here are this week’s list of neat tools I think are worth investigating: a drop dead simple paid electronic newsletter service. If you’re still questioning the value of free content, perhaps you should experiment with a paid newsletter? is a self contained system, just add content.
Loopfuse: Customers are the lifeblood of any endeavor. Loopfuse offers simple marketing automation and lead scoring that puts hot leads into the right hands quickly and easily.
Payvment: Want to test social shopping? Payvment offers a simple shopping cart that seamlessly integrates into your Facebook fan page. Now in free beta, this is a great way to test niche storefronts.
Postling: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Yelp – it’s no wonder small businesses get overwhelmed when getting started with social media. Postling allows you to manage all your social activity from one spot, saving you time and missed connections.

Do you have a useful tool for small or start up businesses that I missed? Tell me about it and I’ll cover it in a future round up.

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