Born or Made?

There are two schools of thought regarding entrepreneurs – either that you’re born with the traits and qualities to be a successful entrepreneur, or that entrepreneurial skills can be learned. Given the crucial role start up businesses play in our economy, it’s clear nurturing has to be considered a viable method of increased start up businesses, especially for non-traditional entrepreneurs (women, minorities, people with disabilities).

A recent Standford panel discussion on this topic:

Thanks to Steve Blank for the heads up on the video, and to Tim Kane for the latest post about this Kauffman study.

At the Market

Richmond recently re-started their Friday night Red White & Brew farmers’ market. Featuring live music, fresh food and a rotating assortment of Virginia wines and beer, the market is quite the hotbed of entrepreneurial activity.

Farmers’ markets offer ideal venues to test new products and receive immediate feedback. Night markets also open a whole new range of opportunities to reach a different segment of consumers who may bypass the early morning markets traditionally available.

If you’re considering a market friendly product or service, you’ll find a wide assortment of venues and opportunities at Local Harvest or at the USDA website. Remember, food production may require area specific certification, so begin narrowing your options several months before hoping to commence food sales.