Snow Day Links

Sliding Around

Some tabs I need to close in browsers make for great reads…I keep meaning to share them and haven’t gotten to them yet! Thankfully today’s snow day gives me a chance to clean up the browser windows and share some of what I’ve been reading lately.

Get kids to eat more vegetables by moving recess. Easier said than done in an age of part time staffing but I agree, it makes a difference. So does serving well prepared veggies, of course!

Letterpress printing at its finest.

R is for Robot is just plain adorable! Adafruit is awesome to offer this as a CC download, too.

These are some stunning photos of owls.

I really liked Alastair Humphreys thoughts on becoming an adventurer – not so different than self employment!

I am thinking a lot about what does and doesn’t constitute “making” these days, so I enjoyed hearing another educator’s take on maker culture. I am still muddling through some thoughts on that which I’ll hopefully get posted by the next snow day!

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