Links for 8-18-2010

Some interesting reads from around the web:

  • Prison without Walls: We spend $68.7 billion annually to keep 2.3 million Americans in jail – can technology reduce some of these costs?
  • The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet: As we become more application centered (Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, iPods, iPads, Smartphones) are we killing off the open web? If so, what are the implications for technology growth and start-up businesses?
  • Front Porch Forum: Bob Cringely drops in on a Burlington VT start-up that aims to connect neighbors and does. Nice bootstrapping story.
  • Where the Jobs Will Be: Which regions will recover first? Richard Florida runs the numbers and some of his answers might surprise you.
  • 90th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment: Happy Anniversary! I’ve enjoyed the privilege of voting my entire life, so it’s strange to realize how long women like my grandmother and her sister’s fought for the right to vote.

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