Links for 1-9-2011

Looking for something a little more meaty? Here are some good reads to get you through the rest of the weekend:

  • Have We Reached A Tipping Point Where Self-Publishing Is Better Than Getting A Book Deal? Certainly from a technology perspective, it’s now as easy and certainly significantly faster to self publish, but without a list, many authors will not see the revenue they hope for.
  • The Web Is a Customer Service Medium: If you read nothing else this weekend, this should be it. Paul Ford takes us into the psychology behind Why Wasn’t I Consulted and covers how customer service is the new killer application.
  • Best Time for Sales Calls: I would not have guessed these days and times so I’m glad David took the time to read the whole report.
  • Inspiring Women: It’s quite subtle, but with their 1 year anniversary Pictory launches a whole new ad model that 1. isn’t an interruption and 2. takes us beyond the banner. If you’re not following Pictory you’re missing one of the best new sites of 2010 – Laura has done a great job with this concept.

Have a great weekend!

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