Links for 1-24-2011

Mondays, I tell you – tons of great things to read, and no time to read and write about them:

  • Is Mobile Affecting When We Read?: This means you also need to be thinking about the hours of support you provide – if your customers are coming after 8pm are they going to be willing to wait until the next “business” day for a response, or will they shop someplace that will? This is the #1 area I see companies cutting corners – failing to staff the hours their site traffic is heaviest.
  • Idea to Market in 5 Months: Making the Glif: This is an awesome dissection of the tools and processes Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt used to bring The Glif to market. I’d like to see more of these cases broken down so succinctly so others can follow in their footsteps. An article I want you to read so badly that I’m posting it a second time so it doesn’t get lost in other weekend links.
  • Venture Capital and the Decline of the Start-up Middle Class: There are some opportunities in the middle of the VC field. The question is who will pounce on it first.
  • The Commons: the commons are our cumulative national treasure. Who should decide how it’s used?

Happy Monday!

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