Links for 1-23-2011

It was one of those weeks and although I really wanted to blog about some of these items in more depth, they have to go on my longer to do list. You shouldn’t miss reading about them, though!

  • What’s Your Personal Data Worth?: Somewhere north of $3.00. Given that I routinely pay my data company $3 for this information, I suspect we value it too little.
  • Idea to Market in 5 Months: Making the Glif: This is an awesome dissection of the tools and processes Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt used to bring The Glif to market. I’d like to see more of these cases broken down so succinctly so others can follow in their footsteps. If you read only one thing off this list, this should be it!
  • The Phantom 15 Million: Between 2001 and 2008 the U.S. economy should have generated 15 million new jobs. We didn’t, and even the experts aren’t entirely sure why not (perhaps they’re asking the wrong experts).
  • Richmond Type Map: When people tell me print is dying, I’m going to point to projects like this. Artists, are you asking your printers to back these projects or doing them independently?

Happy weekend!

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