Enriching Your Student


One of the most frequently asked questions I get from parents is how to use technology to expand their student’s education. With hundreds of options available online, parents have a wealth of choices from websites to apps. Here are three of my favorites!

DuoLingo: We love the ease and simplicity of DuoLingo for language learning. We’re presently using this in Spanish courses but many of our students have chosen to add an additional language they were personally interested in. So far I have students learning Russian, Swedish, German, Spanish and Chinese! Cost: Free/Donation.

Khan Academy: Learn nearly anything via Khan Academy’s ever growing list of curated courses. Khan Academy is especially strong in math and computer science lessons (broken down by grade) and its student reporting and management dashboard helps parents (or educators) suggest additional resources, classes and subjects of interest. Cost: Free/Donation.

Codecademy: Get started learning programming via your browser! Good for middle and high schoolers, this site offers lessons in database management, python, java, html/css and other development languages in high demand. Cost: Free/Donation.

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