7-27-2010 Links

Interesting things I stumbled across today:

  • Game On: Lovely example of niche advertising that is sure to heat up the internet. Last year’s video, Do You Want to Date My Avatar has racked up more than 10,996,348 YouTube views since its August upload. Bonus commercial link: How Old Spice Won the Internet, a behind the scenes view of how the personalized Old Spice videos were created.
  • London Lives: What was life like in London during the years 1690 – 1800? Discover for yourself what life was like in the first city populated by 1m + residents by touring through London Lives, a collection of manuscripts, databases and archives covering London’s early years.
  • Asset-Based Community Development: Sustainable community development by building on resident skills, community associations and local institutions.
  • Twenty Years after ADA, Few Changes: From employment and income to social engagement and life satisfaction, the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has not helped people with disabilities the improvements hoped for, especially with regard to employment opportunities. Only 21% of working-age people with disabilities have full time employment, versus 59% of people without disabilities.
  • Lengthen Your Attention Span with Interval Training: as someone who sometimes struggles with staying focused, these were some great tips for staying on task.

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