IBM at 100

Sometimes, you have to go all in to genuinely enact change. That’s the biggest takeaway I got from this lovely overview of IBM’s 100 years of changing the world the IBM way:

It’s a bit long for web video but it’s also a good lesson in change management.

screenshot of Graphics Top of page shows a grey Heidelburg speedmaster press

Graphics Innovations Unveiling

I’m delighted to announce the formal launch of our latest project for Graphics Innovations, a Virginia certified master printer.

screenshot of Graphics Top of page shows a grey Heidelburg speedmaster press

Graphics Innovations Home Page

Designed internally, the new site expands on past content with the addition of help pages for FTP connections, pre-press tips and a how-to guide to preparing inDesign and Quark files for pain-free high quality printing. Architecture for news feeds, blogging and professional forums round out the new platform.

The site also features a custom collections option, allowing the client to edit, expand, modify or change content without the need for in-house development expertise.

The site is built on the Solertium Software GoGoEgo platform.

Congrats to the entire GI team!

Links for 7-25-2010

Today’s edition of links is all about women and entrepreneurship, one of my favorite topics:

Past Practice

As I’m slowly downsizing 45 years of life, one large task has been sorting and digitizing the large collection of Kinko’s pictures I’ve amassed through moves, turnarounds and store transitions. Thankfully, Kris has been a huge help!

Unfortunately, any pictures I had of the first store I worked at (Urbana IL) have vanished into the ether, but here are some images from the first store I managed, the Burlington VT location. These images are from 1985 – 1988 and show the original 2 story location and the flashy new digs we moved into:

The Wheel Turns

Sunday’s thoughts of born vs made reminds me that we are, all of us, a product not just of our DNA but also those who have shared our lives. I am who I am because many talented people invested in me, both personally and professionally.

I thought of this again today when Tammy reminded me I’d forgotten her 20 year service anniversary with Kinko’s.

Tammy & Paul

Twenty years ago, Tammy walked into the Kinko’s I was managing in Harvard Square and immediately became a key team member. She capably wrangled production on machines we’d laugh at today, all the while helping customers accomplish their dreams. New city, new store, new teams have happened in the interim, but she’s still working to delight customers daily. Congratulations!